Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery

aparoscopic surgery has changed the face of surgery. The humble beginning with the gall-bladder operation by Mauret in France has now acquired many feathers in it`s cap. Nowadays all most all surgical procedures which earlier required a big incision can be done via laparoscopy. The advantages of the laparoscopic approach are many. For the patient, the surgery has become almost painless, bereft of ugly scars. Hospital stay is reduced significantly, and one can return to normal and professional life with relative ease and in minimal time. We can perform many complex surgeries now because of the rapid growth in the field of medical technology. It is no longer necessary to tie an artery, because vessel sealing devises like, Harmonic scalpel or Ligasure can do the job in seconds. We have High definition monitors which show minute details of anatomy of the organs that we are handling through a 3-chip camera and 30 or 45 degree viewing telescope. Intestines are not sutured with catgut anymore; we use Endo-staplers which can approximate tissues with absolute precision and without any bleeding. Now, it has been proved beyond doubt that, cancer surgery is not only possible via the laparoscopic approach but it is also as safe as open surgery, simultaneously it also adds its advantage of less tissue handling and less trauma to tissues which ultimately translates into better prognosis for cancers. 

Just to name them, here is the list of surgeries performed by our team by Laparocopic technique. 



 1.       Gall bladder stones


2.       Common bile duct stones


3.       Appendicitis


4.       Hernias, Inguinal, Umbilical, Incisional (Post- operative), Femoral


5.       Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease. Fundoplication


6.       Stomach – ulcers and early cancers. Partial and total Gastrectomy


7.       Oesophageal diseases like cancer. Oesophagectomy


8.       Pancreatic diseases like Chronic Pancreatitis, Psedocyst, Tumors. Distal


9.       Pancreatectomy, Cysto-Gastrostomy, Triple by-pass


10.    Diseases of colon and rectum. Cancers, Diverticulitis. Colectomy, LAR, APR


11.    Ovarian disease. Cyst drilling


12.    Uterus. Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy (TLH)


13.    Splenectomy


14.    Adrenalectomy


15.   Drainage of cyst of liver, Hydatid cyst of liver.