Obesity and Diabetes are two diseases prevalent in the contemporary society. One often resorts to fast food and fizz primarily due the current hectic lifestyle while losing a count of the rising calories. We use cars for faster and comfortable transportation instead of walking and are often at a loss of time for regular exercise .The net result is Obesity and complications which follow it, e.g. High blood pressure, Diabetes, heart disease, lipid abnormalities etc. Diet, exercise and lifestyle modification are the initial steps in reducing weight, but this is generally time consuming and at times people find it difficult to stick to a specific regimented schedule of exercise and diet. In some cases people reach a level of morbid obesity which makes regular exercise a very difficult task ,some have joint pains and rest are depressed and do not know what to do. For them Bariatric and metabolic surgery, (OBESITY & DIABETIC SURGERY), is a reliable and permanent way to reduce weight and weight related complications.

Bariatric surgery is an advanced Laparoscopic surgery, done through few key-holes. However, it requires training and experience for perfection.



Meet Dr. Debashis Deb, he is a senior consultant surgeon based in Kolkata since last 18 years He received his surgical training at AIIMS, New Delhi. Laparoscopic surgery, Oesophageal, pancreatic, colorectal and hepatobiliary surgery are his main area of interest.









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